Website Design Brief

A web design brief is a written explanation for US —it outlines the aims, objectives and milestones of your web design project.


A clear and thorough brief is the first and one of the most important parts of our design process. Not only does it help to fully scope the project, it is also an essential point of reference for both you and SIVART. A wellwritten brief develops understanding of the project and confidence that you will achieve the result you are after. Perhaps most importantly, the brief ensures that significant design issues are considered and questioned before our designer begins any work, and therefore before your meter is running!

Some important factors to consider when writing your WEB design brief:

What’s the background of this website or project?

Why is it being done?

What does your target market/audience think about your business, products and services or this project?

Is there anything we should avoid?

What do you want your website to accomplish and how will you measure success?

What are the most important things you want your website to convey to your audience?

What is your budget?

Will you need any additional or ongoing services after the site is published? (e.g. website hosting; CMS training; support; content entry; system upgrades, updates and backups)

All sites require hosting, and a standalone site will require security and system upgrades from time to time

You also need to specify your requirements:

What are the mandatory elements your site needs to include, such as your logo, location, phone number, promotion, service, or specific site functions etc?

List everything carefully and inform us if there are any mandatory style guide requirements for your brand

How soon is this needed?

When do you expect it to be done?

List all required delivery dates and if there is any downtime (e.g. if you will be unavailable for proofing/approval at any time) in the timeline

Who is the contact for the project?

Who will have the authority for proofing / signing off / approving?

After taking all of this in to consideration please carefully fill out the customer Website Design Brief Below.

Please fill out our web design brief to get a FREE QUOTE for your project.

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